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Find out what it feels like to have fun at work

At Gander Mountain, we have been helping customers discover and develop their love of the great outdoors since 1960. Our business was built on excellent customer service, and we are still committed to delivering on that promise today.

The Gander Mountain culture is fast-paced and flexible. Our company thrives on innovation and a drive for excellence. Across all Gander Mountain brands and locations, successful associates work together to achieve company and individual goals.

6 reasons you'll love it here:

People you can connect with

Connection is important at Gander Mountain. We help customers create memories. We introduce both experienced and novice outdoor enthusiasts to new gear, new technology and a new way of enjoying their free time. Our diverse and inclusive workforce helps make this possible. Learn more about Diversity and Inclusion.

Products you love

Want to see the latest camping, fishing and hunting technology and equipment? You'll work with it every day at Gander Mountain. As an associate at a leading outdoor outfitter, you can try it out, get to know every feature and benefit, and share your excitement with customers and colleagues.

The Spirit of Outdoors

Regardless of whether they love outdoor activities, Gander Mountain associates have an energy and enthusiasm we like to call the Spirit of Outdoors. It encompasses the passion, perseverance and excellence we strive for in life and at work.

Challenge and reward

Every day is different at Gander Mountain, and every challenge deserves our best effort. We applaud and celebrate our associates for their positive attitude, persistence and dedication to customer service.

Great opportunities

At Gander Mountain, you'll find exciting professional opportunities in a wide range of settings and locations. You might come here looking for a job, but you can end up with a fulfilling career. Learn more about Career Development.

A place to learn and grow

We don't expect you to know everything the moment you step through our doors. That's what our extensive training program is for. Our associates often bring a wealth of outdoor knowledge and sales experience, but it's ok if you're just starting out — we're committed to training the best team in retail.

Explore the Spirit of Outdoors

Everything about the great outdoors endures—through seasons and storms, abundance and scarcity. People who embody that same undying spirit will make Gander Mountain not only endure but prosper. As you explore Gander Mountain's outdoor spirit, you'll form new friendships—with the earth, the outdoors and people in the Gander Mountain team. Learn more about the job benefits at Gander Mountain.