Diversity and inclusion

We protect diversity in nature so that we can sustain rich environments and learn from a wider range of unique species. For similar reasons, we celebrate diversity and inclusion at Gander Mountain.

As associates from different backgrounds and life experiences join our team, they bring diverse knowledge and problem-solving skills that help our company grow and thrive. Through a culture of inclusion, we can serve our customers better, share a wide range of experiences and explore new ideas.

Respectful Workplace Policy
At Gander Mountain, we practice a respectful workplace, which means that all associates are treated fairly and respectfully, by their peers, leaders and other associates in the organization. Our commitment to a safe, respectful working environment allows us to focus on the job at hand—serving our customers and delivering a great Gander Mountain experience.

Gander Mountain is an equal employment opportunity, affirmative action employer.

Commitment to the Community
Our community involvement helps a variety of populations, including women, underprivileged and disadvantaged youth and struggling families. We have participated in Toys for Tots, Soles4Souls and Clothes4Soles.

“I was extremely nervous about coming to work for Gander Mountain as I was definitely not what you would consider your typical outdoor enthusiast. However not only did I find a new passion for such an interesting industry but I also found an amazing opportunity with a great company.
The dedication that Gander Mountain invests in the growth and development of its people and brand is a hard thing to come by and is what makes Gander Mountain so unique.
The possibilities are certainly endless. I have now been a part of four new store openings with Gander Mountain. There is nothing more humbling than bringing someone onboard and helping them find a new career that they are passionate about. Helping someone build their future is by far the most rewarding part of my job.
Working for Gander Mountain I have found that recognition for a job well done does exist. For as much pride as you take in the job you do, there is someone that takes pride in having you as part of their team.”
Joelle N. Kingston
Store Manager
Mesquite, TX

“For me, the overarching appeal of working for Gander Mountain is the vision of being on the ground floor with a company that has such amazing growth potential. I see myself as truly being a part of an environment where our specialty products meet the outdoor needs of our customer. Our vibrant family environment provides a culture that is hard to imitate. When I walk into Gander Mountain, I do not feel, “I am walking into work.” Instead, I think, “I am walking into an investment in my team, my company and community.”
I absolutely love the energy that my team brings to the table. Our Gander Mountain family rallies together every day to provide world-class customer service by simply deciding to have fun at work! It is this kind of thriving environment that allows me to see the abundant opportunities in my future with Gander Mountain.”
Tonya Cosey
Store Manager
Waco, TX

“I always wanted a career in retail in which consumers purchase items they have a passion for. Gander Mountain is exactly that! I love coming to work and assisting customers in purchasing items for their trips; whether it’s camping, hunting, shooting or simply looking for a comfortable pair of shoes. I have worked for several retailers and Gander Mountain is by far that place I have been looking for!
I am very competitive and always strive to be the best I can be. For that reason I like the fact that Gander Mountain has a Leader Board which ranks store metrics and highlights top performing stores. My team and I love the recognition. This is a benefit I truly enjoy.
My family work life balance has improved so much working for Gander Mountain. It’s amazing how helping customers that are passionate about the items you sell can even improve your home life. You do not take the stress home with you. We have passionate associates that love coming to work and giving it 100%. What more can I ask for? Gander Mountain is where I am starting my new career! Thank you for the opportunity!”
Martin Gonzalez
Store Manager
Lewisville, TX